0.2.17 Updates

It’s easy to tell when the app is recording with our new count-up feature! Instead of counting down to the start of recording, the timer counts up during the recording itself. You can tell the length of your clip at a glance. Other improvements & bug fixes Windows users, the app no longer flashes when…More

0.2.16 Updates: Ability to Delete Local Recordings!

Beta testers have been asking how to delete recordings they don’t want to upload, and now they can. Get rid of clips that contain private information or that you just don’t need with just a couple of clicks! Other improvements & bug fixes The Replayable app icon will no longer appear in your desktop dock.…More

0.2.14 is Here: Windows First Release!

You talked, and we listened. It’s official! The first version of Replayable for Windows is up and running. Other improvements & bug fixes Scrolling is enabled for the uploads list.More

What’s New in 0.2.13?

We’ve redesigned the Mac Permissions Wizard for easier installation! Improvements & bug fixes Now, when you select a display to record, you will automatically return to the home screen. We’ve also fixed a bug that prevented users from opening external links.More

0.2.12 Update

Improvements & bug fixes Upon first launch of the app, prompts for Mac permissions will be delivered via a new “permissions wizard”More

New Features in 0.2.11: Website launch!

We’ve launched the new site! You can now go to replayable.io to log into your account. Other improvements & bug fixes Bug in capture button hotfixed The “unidentified developer” warning will no longer appear during installation Users can now capture replays shorter than 5 seconds Product managers can now explore paths for a single replay…More

Changes in 0.2.9

Improvements & bug fixes Users can now edit the replay title from the first page load The edit window now pops up at 80% of your screen size, large enough to see what is actually happening in the replayMore

What’s new in 0.2.8

Improvements & bug fixes Eliminated a security risk by removing the unsafe-eval permission Added a nice “play button” overlay to replay gifsMore

Our Story

Even before I moved to Austin, I met the folks from ATX Hackerspace (now Asmbly) at SXSW. When I made the move down here for good, I joined their community and co-working space.  One day, I noticed Natalie wearing a t-shirt from a startup where my roommate worked, Synesthesia. I asked her if she knew…More