🪄 Replayable is now Dashcam!

We have changed a lot over the past year—the team has grown, the product has evolved, and the look and feel have vastly improved. We’re now Dashcam, a new name with the same mission: build the best app to help you capture the steps to reproduce every bug, every single time. Nothing explains what we…More

Announcing the Replayable Bug Bash program!

Are you frustrated by the quality of your product? Maybe you’ve heard about bugs from your team members, but they can’t be reproduced. You’re pretty sure things aren’t working correctly, but developers say, “It works on my machine.” Your day is filled with meetings clarifying requirements and ensuring bugs marked as fixed are actually fixed.…More

Introducing the new pause toggle, docs, and more!

We’re still going at it! Replayable v0.4 includes some huge updates focusing on privacy, security, and performance. Check it out, and while you’re at it, take a look at our fancy new documentation site! As usual, we’ve gathered all of this feedback from your conversations! If you want to help influence the future of Replayable,…More

Download the New and Improved Replayable!

We’re always working hard to ensure the Replayable app is the best it can be, and the newest version has everything you’ve been asking for and more! It’s faster, sleeker, and has lots of new features that make it easier than ever to catch bugs and document your work. However, due to a bug in…More

Never miss another bug with Replayable dashcam for local development.

How often have you encountered a bug while testing an app you’re building? How often are those bugs completely unrelated? Do you stop what you’re doing and go after them? Or just let them slide and move on? If you stop what you’re doing to capture it, you need to remember what happened. You then…More

0.3.8 Updates: Crop Your Screen and Record All Displays!

Cropping capabilities are here! When it comes to picking and choosing what you want to be recorded, we hear you. You wanted more control, and you got it! Now you can select which part of your screen you want to replay. On top of that, you can capture activity on ALL displays with a simple…More

How to improve your developer experience with short embeddable demos.

The guide below will demonstrate how you can make a readme easier to follow by embedding Replayable replays. For the full demo, take a look at the before and after. While your readme might make sense to you, chances are you’ve probably left out some important information that other developers would appreciate. Just think about…More

What’s new in 0.3.5?

Replayable for Windows just got 3xs more efficient! We’ve moved from the encoding strategy vp9 to h264, reducing the app’s usage of CPU and memory. Check out the test numbers below using a 4k monitor: CPU: 18.6% down to 5.8% Memory: 815.7MB to 262.1MB This also means that replays recorded on PCs will work on iPhone and Safari!…More

0.3.4 is Here: Efficiency Boost!

Resources are always limited, so why use more than you have to? We’ve disabled hardware acceleration in the newest version of the app to lighten the load. How did we do it? Electron applications default to a hardware accelerated mode which allows for 3D CSS and opengl acceleration. Through testing we found that there’s only…More