0.3.4 is Here: Efficiency Boost!

Resources are always limited, so why use more than you have to? We’ve disabled hardware acceleration in the newest version of the app to lighten the load.

How did we do it?

Electron applications default to a hardware accelerated mode which allows for 3D CSS and opengl acceleration. Through testing we found that there’s only downside. Since we’re not using 3D CSS nor opengl–nor do we plan to –disabling hardware acceleration just skips a frame buffer copy step which reduces the app CPU and GPU footprint.

In other words, it’s more efficient!

Other improvements & bug fixes

  • Screenshot images are smaller, so uploads feel snappier
  • Screen recording permissions dialog match permissions state
  • Uprezzed windows tray icon
  • MacOS no longer breaks when a space is in the directory path set from Settings

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