Case Study: Hookah Shisha Streamlines Interactions Between Teams With Replayable

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Do all of your bug reports have enough information to reproduce the issue? We didn’t thinks so. Replayable helps developers catch, reproduce, and fix bugs quickly by ensuring that all bug reports contain the context they need to be fixed. Here’s an example of one company who, while upgrading their software, used Replayable to optimize their developer experience.

What did they get out of it?

  • 14 hours per week (2 x 1 hour bug triage meetings x 7 people) saved
  • Time to reproduce the bugs themselves
  • Happier developers

Like many companies, Hookah-shisha is in the middle of a big migration. They’re moving to the popular Magento platform. However, during the migration they found a variety of bugs in their new system.

When anyone encountered a bug, they’d forward it to the US development team, who was responsible for triaging it and making a ticket for the development team in Dubai. Between timezones, meetings, and communication barriers, by the time the ticket made it to the development team there wasn’t enough context to get the issue fixed. Half the time someone encountered a bug they weren’t able to reproduce it.

A developer on the US team who was responsible for fixing bugs identified the problem and realized that if there were video recordings of the bugs, they’d be so much easier for the development team to fix.

One of the developers found Replayable and helped the entire US team install it on their computers. Now, whenever someone encounters a bug, they can capture a replay of it. That replay is attached to a Jira ticket, and the Dubai team has enough information to reproduce it!

The US team was able to cancel their twice-weekly triage call, not to mention save all that time reproducing bugs locally (and even catching bugs that they wouldn’t have otherwise).

If you’re interested in how you can help your developers catch, reproduce, and fix problems in your software faster, sign up for our beta today!

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