Code refactoring: how often should you refactor your code?

Code does not age like an organic organism, but it can in its own way.The quality decreases as time passes – software codebases degrade in quality and become more disorganized over time as more code is added and more developers touch it. Whether you’re in a team or a single developer, when working on your…More

The importance of embeddable content in webpages

One of the best growth hacks in recent times was the invention of embeddable widgets. We rely on these embeddable widgets at Dashcam all the time, in fact we gave them a name – an embedded dash! The most famous embeddable content type is probably video. In fact, YouTube was one of the pioneers of…More

How much do software bugs cost us?

In the high-stakes software world, a single bug can be a multi-million dollar mistake, or worse. Just ask NASA, you can see on this article in Wikipedia that someone put together a list of unfortunate space-related bugs, amongst others. In today’s app-driven economy, downtime and bugs directly translates to dollars lost. Your software goes down,…More

Should you let an A.I. service analyze your code…or not?

There are a lot of rumors that any code fed to an online LLM is used to further train the LLM. Generative AI is all the rage, and as artificial intelligence continues to advance, there are now A.I. systems that can analyze your code and provide suggestions for improving it. Code generation can help developers…More

Should you start a community writing program?

Oh the things we do for climbing the SEO ladder! Producing a steady stream of high-quality, long-form content is a challenge for any startups or company’s marketing team. At Dashcam we just started writing regularly content on our blog that matches what we believe is useful to share with others! While doing it full-time in-house…More

Why marketing to developers is so hard

Developers are like mythological creatures. They can smell marketing bullcrap from a mile away, so it becomes tough to use “regular” marketing to convince them to try – let alone sell them – a new tool or platform. One of the reasons for this legendary power could be that they tend to be very logical…More

The process of user-reported bugs is broken

Bugs are everywhere – and you’ll always have users report that something in the software you might be working on is “broken”. First and foremost, it’s tough to create an advanced piece of software that will work exactly the same on every of your user’s computer. Differences in computer hardware, operating systems, and software environments…More

What is time-travel debugging

Time travel debugging is a feature in some debugging tools that allows the developer to go back in time and view the state of an application at previous points during execution. This can be extremely useful when trying to understand when and where a bug was introduced. When you use a time-travel debugger you can…More

AI debugging future: what will Dashcam look like in 2 years?

Our global advancements in Artificial Intelligence cannot be ignored. Dashcam is absolutely going to use A.I. extensively in the future, like many other companies who understand the importance of A.I. In this speculative article, I will try to analyze what a future version Dashcam could look and feel like. Without further ado… ⏳ Hypothetical features…More

Working remotely, productively.

Here at Dashcam, we embrace remote work. Fully. We also love spending time together and brainstorming new ideas – it’s always more productive that way. When it comes to coding, however, being in your office of choice, whether at home or somewhere else, comes with a lot of benefits…just make sure your wifi doesn’t cut…More