What’s new in 0.2.8

Improvements & bug fixes Eliminated a security risk by removing the unsafe-eval permission Added a nice “play button” overlay to replay gifsMore

Our Story

Even before I moved to Austin, I met the folks from ATX Hackerspace (now Asmbly) at SXSW. When I made the move down here for good, I joined their community and co-working space.  One day, I noticed Natalie wearing a t-shirt from a startup where my roommate worked, Synesthesia. I asked her if she knew…More

Announcing the Replayable Beta!

After three years of working to understand developers with the help of fantastic clients like AWS, Mailchimp, and SAP as part of Haxor, we found a clear pattern pointing to the root of poor developer experience. Developers don’t have time to share knowledge. There‚Äôs too much information required to provide context, and developers have too…More

What’s New in 0.2.6: Share GIF Previews!

We know gifs are all the rage. What’s better than a static image, gif! We’re happy to announce the ability to generate gifs. Improvements & bug fixes Fixed an issue that showed videos in the desktop feed that were older than 3 days. New Zendesk help center Fixed an issue in the edit window preview…More

Hello World!

Welcome to our little part of the internet. This is a blog about all things Replayable. Replayable records the work you do on your computer and turns it into a short video clip you can share with your team, perfect for bug reports, pull requests, onboarding, or just showing off a work in progress. Check-in…More