Four Tools That Will Streamline Your Agile Development Process

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash Using an Agile development process for your project leaves room for flexibility and responsiveness when, inevitably, things come up. The tools you use can make the difference between smooth sprints that lead to a project done on time and on budget and a complete disaster. They help you manage…More

Hackathon Tips

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Hackathons are what would happen if an office brainstorming session ended with colleagues presenting fully formed ideas with some research behind them. Teams of three to five people work to solve a problem posed by the host using quick engineering and finish by presenting to a panel of judges.…More

Developer productivity: what makes us happy?

Is squashing bugs all day the best way to keep your team happy? As a developer, I can tell you it’s not. Neither is checking some boxes in a Performance review worksheet! Developer productivity is all about maximizing your workflow so you can become an efficient code-crushing machine that churns out awesome features fast and…More

Why developers build extensions for developer tools

Every single developer application I use has a way to augment itself through extensions, a common land and expand strategy for dev tools & platforms! When it’s not a tool it’s an API! Pick any of these dev tools and look at how they’ve created an ecosystem of apps that improve their core functionalities: Github,…More

A quick bash function to automate logging on Dashcam

In the world of software development, logging is an essential practice. Dashcam relies heavily in logging the output of your apps! Whether you’re debugging an application or monitoring its performance, having access to log files can be a lifesaver. Dashcam augments your logs by adding video to them! Today, we’re going to explore a simple…More

VSCode & breakpoints

Debugging is a crucial skill for every developer, don’t we know it! Having the right tools at your disposal can significantly streamline the process of identifying and fixing issues in your code. One tool you need is Dashcam, the other….a debugger with breakpoints. In this article, we’ll see how breakpoints work in Visual Studio Code…More

Dashcam & Product Engineering: Writing code and collaborating

Today I want to talk about some engineering practices we use here at Dashcam to stay productive! Most of our team are engineers with an affinity to build products, some of us like to describe what we do with the term of product engineering. As product engineers we spend a lot of time thinking about…More

🏭Building the Dashcam extension for Raycast

Today I realized that I use Raycast quite a lot*. In fact, I replaced the CMD+Spacebar shortcut with Raycast! What is Raycast and why do you use it? Raycast is a tool for productivity, which can replace Spotlight on your Macbook; in fact, it replaces it and makes it better! You can use it to…More

💡How to debug code: a model that always works for me and might work for you too…

Frustrating. Debugging truly feels like the most frustrating experience for a developer. At any point you encounter a bug, you feel frustration rising in your body. Minimizing frustration is part of the “happy developer” experience if you’re the code maintainer or another user. The question becomes natural: can you make debugging code painless? This is the very…More

🔨 Debugging: from print statements to A.I. assistance

We’re building Dashcam to become a full stack debugging tool: to debug anything, anywhere and to be used by anyone who wants to do debugging. What is full-stack debugging? Full stack debugging is a process that involves identifying, isolating, and resolving issues across multiple layers of an application. It’ s called *full stack* because it…More