Announcing the Replayable Beta!

After three years of working to understand developers with the help of fantastic clients like AWS, Mailchimp, and SAP as part of Haxor, we found a clear pattern pointing to the root of poor developer experience.

Developers don’t have time to share knowledge.

There’s too much information required to provide context, and developers have too little time–and patience. Understandably, they don’t want to break their flow to explain things.

What is your biggest challenge in software development?

In fact, sharing knowledge was rated as the #1 challenge for software developers1. In second, was “capacity,” meaning developers just don’t have enough time to write docs.

In open source, 93% of developers list lack of good documentation as the #1 problem, yet 60% of developers report rarely or never contribute to improving it2. Developers agree that their resources are not strong enough, yet they are not contributing to fixing the problem.

So what did we do about it?

Footage of a Haxor developer experience test.

We solved the problem! While conducting developer tests, we found that developers were more likely to submit feedback and bug reports when they could attach a screen recording.

This worked out well for everyone. The developers could write less, code more, and our clients, API companies who wanted feedback, could review the screen recordings to learn everything they needed to know.

After testing this software with more than 250 developers, we isolated the one power feature that everybody loved. Developer instant replay.

Introducing Replayable!

Our new tool, Replayable, has officially been launched in private beta! It records passively in the background as developers work and catches crashes, one-time errors, and things that can’t–and now don’t need to be–repeated when asking for assistance.

Developers no longer need to type “Steps to Reproduce.” All they have to do is send a replay! We think Replayable has the potential to increase developer productivity on a global scale.

It can save you and your team tons of time, and it’s not just for research studies with big companies. We want to bring Replayable to every developers’ desktop as part of their everyday workflow. They spend an incredible amount of time explaining their work. Think of all the writing, meetings, miscommunication, and headaches saved with this tool.

If you’re as excited about this as we are, join our beta! Right now, we’re looking for front-end developers who are building products with a team to try out our app

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