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Dashcam for teams

At Dashcam, we talk a lot about creating clips of bugs, but creating clips is only half the equation. The other piece is collaboration.

When software crashes, and you struggle to communicate what caused that issue within your team, you need to find an efficient way to collaborate. We always suggest removing all the back and forth and opting for a clip.

Today we announce an effort to improve team collaboration by releasing our first team-oriented feature: team workspaces to help you streamline your work process.

This is the first step in empowering teams to resolve issues faster by enhancing communication between team members. Let’s dive into these new features and see how they can transform how your team can work faster, together.

Record and Share Clips with Ease:
Dashcam’s primary function is to allow users to capture screen activity happening on their screens, especially if an app misbehaves, on the first try. When a software crash occurs, you can quickly click a button and see precisely what actions caused the crash. With the new collaboration features, you can now create your team’s workspace to easily share this footage, in the form of clips with your team, making it more straightforward to find the necessary information for everyone to understand the issue and work together to find a solution.

Create a secure and private workspace for your team:
Our latest update introduces the ability to create a private workspace where team members can upload video clips of screen recordings. By centralizing all the footage in one place, your team can easily access, review, and discuss the recorded issues without losing time searching for the right video clip or relying on lengthy written explanations. You can enforce clips to be public (embeddable and watchable by anyone with the link) or private (need to be authorized to view the content of the Clip)

Invite co-workers to your team’s workspace:
Dashcam allows you to invite your co-workers (friends are welcome too – just invite responsibly!) to be part of your team workspace. This seamless integration of new members ensures everyone is on the same page, enhancing collaboration and reducing miscommunication. Whether you have a small team or a large organization, Dashcam’s team collaboration features are designed to accommodate your specific needs. Our upcoming Zapier integration will expand the possibilities of workflow automation.

Share and embed insights:

With everyone’s video clips accessible in the same workspace, your team can benefit from all its members’ collective knowledge and insights. By observing and analyzing each other’s screen recordings, including the metadata uploaded with every clip, you can spot potential issues, and brainstorm solutions together. Clips can further be embedded into third party platforms such as JIRA, Trello, Asana, Github, Notion etc.

Dashcam’s new team collaboration features are a game-changer for organizations looking to improve their software troubleshooting process and enhance team communication.

By providing a centralized platform for sharing screen recordings, inviting co-workers, and collaborating on insights, we want to empower your team to work more efficiently. Use the upcoming Zapier integration launch workflows when a clip is uploaded, or a new project within your workspace is updated.

Don’t let software issues slow you down โ€“ give our collaboration features a try and never let irreproducible bugs be a pain.

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