🪄 Replayable is now Dashcam!

We have changed a lot over the past year—the team has grown, the product has evolved, and the look and feel have vastly improved.

We’re now Dashcam, a new name with the same mission: build the best app to help you capture the steps to reproduce every bug, every single time.

Nothing explains what we do better than a “dashcam for your desktop.”
Our app works exactly the same way, it runs in the background so you have video footage when things go wrong. After all, our high-performance loop recording is what makes our app different.

That’s why we’re so excited to rebrand Replayable as “Dashcam.” As one of our supporters said, “encapsulates so much with so little,” or more bluntly “I didn’t understand what your app did until you said it was a ‘dashcam’ for your computer”

You’ll first notice that we kept the brand colors and style similar to Replayable, with some tweaks.

Our logo’s creative has remained the same; we feel it represents what we do, being able to record and replay your screen activity.

We’ve released a new website, with new content and better navigation, to celebrate our new brand 🎉

You can see a sneak-peak of it here above, but feel free to dive into the new site.

New recording process

Dashcam behaves like your typical car dashcam – continuously recording in the background as you work but giving you full control over what’s being recorded.

Dashcam periodically converts footage of your screen into clips, which are considered unlocked. They are regularly cleared to save space.

But what if you want to save a clip?

Now, you can toggle the state of a clip: If you want to prevent a clip from being cleared, toggle the new lock button. You can do this for any clip in your Clip History. Change how your clips are cleared from the Settings menu.


We’ve listened to your feedback and made some exciting improvements to the app.

  • Frame rate selector: If you want smoother-looking clips, you can increase their frame rate all the way up to 30 FPS!
  • Sound effects: We got feedback that sounds are not for everyone, so now you can turn sound effects off.
  • Clip Editor: You can toggle between opening the Clip Editor every time after creating a manual clip
  • Start at login: You can toggle between having the app start at startup or not. But if you want the most protection, we highly recommend you leave this default. 😎
  • Directory size & directory wipe: You can now see how much data Dashcam has stored on your machine, and if you want to, wipe it with one click.

New team members

We’ve expanded our team with new additions – say hello to Michael and Orlando, who are joining Dashcam full-time!

We’re very excited about all these changes and as we are moving into this new phase, there might be things that look odd, perhaps we forgot to update a logo somewhere, or a screenshot is outdated, please let us know. We’ll get it fixed immediately!

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