🛸 Local debugging has landed

A video showing you how to reproduce bugs is cool but….this time around we went the extra mile.

Today we’re happy to introduce the world to the fastest and most accurate way to debug your code, asynchronously and collaboratively.

The best part of this new feature is that you can use it online (by uploading and sharing your Dash clips – or Dash for short – it with others) or offline (on your machine in local mode, data stays on your device)!

👉 Dashcam with log support

You can now see errors (from your local apps or Chrome Dev tools) and network logs alongside your Dash: we believe this is the start of a future where tech teams can do collaborative debugging!

Another feature you will notice is the new Clip Editor..

The new Clip Editor

The new Clip Editor add the ability to view and replay your captured logs on your desktop before sharing them. No matter when you create a clip. If you’ve enabled log capture, you will be able to see the full picture of what happened and debug it!

This form of debugging is known as time-travel debugging. Time Travel Debugging (TTD) can help you debug issues easier by letting you “rewind” your desktop, instead of having to reproduce the issue until you find the bug.

Dashcam is a screen recorder for debugging. It’s an all-in-one debugging tool that makes it simple to find and fix bugs in complex apps. When you encounter an error, Dashcam will play back your screen in sync with terminal, logs, and network requests in a format called a “Dash.”

Currently Dashcam supports logging in:

  1. Server Logs: Debug your server logs or any other services that are running on your system
  2. Console Logs from Chrome: Capture logs from multiple tabs and play them back together
  3. Network Requests from Chrome: See all the outgoing and incoming network requests from your browser

Not only can you view your own bugs with Dashcam, but Dashcam makes it easy to share bugs with others to debug collaboratively!

In conclusion, this new features allow Dashcam to become a more powerful local-first debugging tool.

We hope you enjoy what we’re building and we’re looking forward to hear any feedback you might have to share!

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