Introducing the new pause toggle, docs, and more!

We’re still going at it! Replayable v0.4 includes some huge updates focusing on privacy, security, and performance. Check it out, and while you’re at it, take a look at our fancy new documentation site!

As usual, we’ve gathered all of this feedback from your conversations! If you want to help influence the future of Replayable, reach out to us and let us know what you’d like to see.

Pause Recording

Want to pause recording while you do something sensitive? The much requested pause button is here!

It tooks us a long time to come up with this (surprising, I know), but we wanted to emphasize that Replayable is a desktop buffer and not just your average screen recorder. If we added a “start” and “stop” button, it would have completely changed the product.

Instead, we opted for a toggle which, while functionally similar, clearly shows that you’re disabling something meant to be enabled. And to that effect, the toggle will reset itself to enabled at every app launch.

Oh! And there’s a handy pause/unpause keyboard shortcut.

Delete the local buffer

Looking for quick way to erase any history Replayable might have? Inspired by the “Clear Browing History” shortcut in Chrome, Replayable now inlcudes a “Delete buffer” button that will obliterate all recorded video.

Just hit this shortcut and Replayable will delete everything and start fresh.

New Onboarding Page

We’ve found that a lot of our users love to send Replayable to their team. Now, it’s easier than ever to get everyone onboard. Our new beauty of an onboarding page quickly explains how everyone can get started with Replayable.


Along with creating new features, we’ve spent some time improving the performance, reliability, and design of the app:

  • Upgraded to Electron version 21
  • Prevented Windows smart screen from showing
  • New and updated projects are reflected in edit window
  • Improved the replay feed interactions and made the time larger
  • Added support for plugging and unplugging in “record all displays”
  • Moved authentication to web rather than in-app


And, of course, there’s a bundle of bugfixes:

  • Fixed a bug where “choose a display” would show upon returning from navigation or disconnecting a display
  • Fixed a bug where app would get stuck in unresponsive state
  • Fixed a bug where unlocking the mac would fail to create a clip
  • Fixed a bug where first app would fail to create a recording on first launch
  • Fixed a bug where replay video was sometimes corrupt.
  • Fixed a bug where buffer would not be deleted
  • Fixed a bug where long recent videos were incorrectly deleted
  • Fixed a bug where recording would be corrupt upon saving
  • Fixed a race condition when cropping
  • Fixed a bug where app may orphan child processes
  • Set the default replay buffer duration to one day

Get the Latest Updates

What are you waiting for? Download the latest version of Replayable below. If you’ve already got v0.3.13 or higher, your app will auto-update itself.

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