Download the New and Improved Replayable!

We’re always working hard to ensure the Replayable app is the best it can be, and the newest version has everything you’ve been asking for and more! It’s faster, sleeker, and has lots of new features that make it easier than ever to catch bugs and document your work.

However, due to a bug in our auto-updater, you’ll need to download the latest version manually to get these updates! I know it’s annoying, but take a look at our amazing new features:

  • The new cropping feature helps you draw attention to what matters and keep the rest of your desktop private. 
  • The latest version allows you to record all displays. You’ll never miss anything that happens on any screen! 
  • It’s 3 times faster on Windows thanks to an amazing codec optimization Natalie found. That’s 1/3 of the CPU so you can record 3x as many screens!

Get the latest version here, and let us know your thoughts on our Discord channel!

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