Download the New and Improved Replayable!

We’re always working hard to ensure the Replayable app is the best it can be, and the newest version has everything you’ve been asking for and more! It’s faster, sleeker, and has lots of new features that make it easier than ever to catch bugs and document your work.

However, due to a bug in our auto-updater, you’ll need to download the latest version manually to get these updates! I know it’s annoying, but take a look at our amazing new features:

  • The new cropping feature helps you draw attention to what matters and keep the rest of your desktop private. 
  • The latest version allows you to record all displays. You’ll never miss anything that happens on any screen! 
  • It’s 3 times faster on Windows thanks to an amazing codec optimization Natalie found. That’s 1/3 of the CPU so you can record 3x as many screens!

Get the latest version here, and let us know your thoughts on our Discord channel!

0.3.8 Updates: Crop Your Screen and Record All Displays!

Cropping capabilities are here! When it comes to picking and choosing what you want to be recorded, we hear you. You wanted more control, and you got it! Now you can select which part of your screen you want to replay.

On top of that, you can capture activity on ALL displays with a simple click of a button. No more agonizing over which is most important to record. Replayable has you covered!

Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos on Unsplash

Other improvements & bug fixes

  • Onboarding popup added walking users through the replay creation and sharing
  • You can now scrub the video timeline
  • Autoupdater has been fixed
  • Navigation to Settings does not reset Pause
  • Onboarding popup is now dismissable
  • The app will be minimized at launch
  • Fixed wording for “disable auto clips”

What’s new in 0.3.5?

Replayable for Windows just got 3xs more efficient! We’ve moved from the encoding strategy vp9 to h264, reducing the app’s usage of CPU and memory. Check out the test numbers below using a 4k monitor:

CPU: 18.6% down to 5.8%

Memory: 815.7MB to 262.1MB

This also means that replays recorded on PCs will work on iPhone and Safari!

Improvements & bug fixes

  • The app now prevents navigation of unauthorized sites

0.3.4 is Here: Efficiency Boost!

Resources are always limited, so why use more than you have to? We’ve disabled hardware acceleration in the newest version of the app to lighten the load.

How did we do it?

Electron applications default to a hardware accelerated mode which allows for 3D CSS and opengl acceleration. Through testing we found that there’s only downside. Since we’re not using 3D CSS nor opengl–nor do we plan to –disabling hardware acceleration just skips a frame buffer copy step which reduces the app CPU and GPU footprint.

In other words, it’s more efficient!

Other improvements & bug fixes

  • Screenshot images are smaller, so uploads feel snappier
  • Screen recording permissions dialog match permissions state
  • Uprezzed windows tray icon
  • MacOS no longer breaks when a space is in the directory path set from Settings

Case Study: Hookah Shisha Streamlines Interactions Between Teams With Replayable

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

Do all of your bug reports have enough information to reproduce the issue? We didn’t thinks so. Replayable helps developers catch, reproduce, and fix bugs quickly by ensuring that all bug reports contain the context they need to be fixed. Here’s an example of one company who, while upgrading their software, used Replayable to optimize their developer experience.

What did they get out of it?

  • 14 hours per week (2 x 1 hour bug triage meetings x 7 people) saved
  • Time to reproduce the bugs themselves
  • Happier developers

Like many companies, Hookah-shisha is in the middle of a big migration. They’re moving to the popular Magento platform. However, during the migration they found a variety of bugs in their new system.

When anyone encountered a bug, they’d forward it to the US development team, who was responsible for triaging it and making a ticket for the development team in Dubai. Between timezones, meetings, and communication barriers, by the time the ticket made it to the development team there wasn’t enough context to get the issue fixed. Half the time someone encountered a bug they weren’t able to reproduce it.

A developer on the US team who was responsible for fixing bugs identified the problem and realized that if there were video recordings of the bugs, they’d be so much easier for the development team to fix.

One of the developers found Replayable and helped the entire US team install it on their computers. Now, whenever someone encounters a bug, they can capture a replay of it. That replay is attached to a Jira ticket, and the Dubai team has enough information to reproduce it!

The US team was able to cancel their twice-weekly triage call, not to mention save all that time reproducing bugs locally (and even catching bugs that they wouldn’t have otherwise).

If you’re interested in how you can help your developers catch, reproduce, and fix problems in your software faster, sign up for our beta today!

0.3.0: An All-New Replayable!

We’ve been hard at work for the last month doing a complete overhaul of the app, and we think you’ll love the changes!

Improvements & bug fixes

  • All new app design, logo, and icon!
  • You can now automatically record the primary display as determined by the operating system! No more selecting new screens
  • Choose the length of your video buffer, from 30 minutes to 3 days!
  • Automatically stop and start recording when you lock and unlock your computer.
  • New Pause and Resume feature!
  • Change the directory to store local video in settings
  • Disable all automatic clips – only keep clips you create manually.
  • And many more!

Latest Changes: 0.2.18

Check out the list below for a list of the newest updates that make everything more seamless and intuitive!

Improvements & bug fixes

  • App metadata is now limited to program names and titles
  • You can now see an intuitive sharing URL by default 
  • Trimmer slider resizes when the selected project is changed
  • The “video uploaded” notification will only appear if the upload takes more than 5 minutes
  • In the Windows version, toggling from the tray works better than natively supported by Electron 
  • Local replays are removed as soon as they are uploaded
  • You can now see the title of your upload instead of a hash in the uploads dropdown

0.2.17 Updates

It’s easy to tell when the app is recording with our new count-up feature! Instead of counting down to the start of recording, the timer counts up during the recording itself. You can tell the length of your clip at a glance.

Other improvements & bug fixes

  • Windows users, the app no longer flashes when toggled from Tray.
  • The Windows app now has a subtle but visible border.
  • We fixed a bug that was hiding the app when users hit Cancel on “Select Screen” dialog.
  • Adding and removing monitors while recording now causes many fewer crashes.
  • An npm security audit removed several unused and vulnerable packages.

0.2.16 Updates: Ability to Delete Local Recordings!

Beta testers have been asking how to delete recordings they don’t want to upload, and now they can. Get rid of clips that contain private information or that you just don’t need with just a couple of clicks!

Other improvements & bug fixes

  • The Replayable app icon will no longer appear in your desktop dock.
  • If you’re only using one screen, it will automatically be selected to record.
  • The app rescales gracefully when changing monitors with different scaling ratios.